Nioxin professional Hair loss consultations, treatments and products


Nioxin professional Hair loss consultations, treatments and products

Nioxin is a unique 3D Care System designed specifically for hair loss, guaranteeing thicker, fuller looking hair.  The 3-part system consists of 3 steps, specifically created to address the scalp’s Derma, Hair Density and Diameter, to create thicker looking hair.

We also offer an in-depth consultation, using a microscope to analyse the scalps condition, hair density and follicle condition.  Once the scalp analysis is complete we recommend a scalp dermabrasion treatment. This is an anti-aging treatment, removing build-up, as well as excess skin and sebum from the scalp, which prepares the scalp to receive 3D home care system.

Collagen Hair Refiller Treatment

Absolut Hair, in conjunction with plastic surgeon, Dr. Werner Smith and Nioxin have developed a unique hair and scalp protocol designed to maximise the effects of the new Hair Refiller system.

The refiller treatment consists of injecting a combination of hyaluronic acid and peptides, subcutaneously into the scalp to help regenerate stubborn and dormant hair follicles.

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