In 1974, a group of hair-obsessed Wella scientists dedicated themselves to revolutionising hair care as we know it – prioritising results first. Their discovery? Your hair contains a unique profile of lipids that determine its elasticity, fibre health and responsiveness. Thus, System Professional was born – the first coded, modular system of performance care – inspired by science, and tailored to each hair type.

After dedicating over 45 years to helping you achieve your hair goals, System Professional has become the secret language of the world’s top hairdressers; the inside track to hair care excellence that began in a beauty lab and turned into a global success story.  This is our flagship brand at Absolut Hair.

True hair transformation starts at the core, with scientific know-how on your side. Our scientists have harnessed the power of lipids, which work like cement to bind the hair’s keratin “building blocks” together from within. The problem? We lose lipids far too easily with daily wear, leaving the hair vulnerable and weak. System Professional’s LipidCodeTM Complex, a patented technology designed to recalibrate the hair’s natural lipids, ties the cuticles together and protects the keratin. Every System Professional care line blends cutting-edge science and performance. Our unique LipidCodeTM Complex is composed of our two hair-identical lipids that regenerate hair from the core for lasting results you can see.


Every system treatment is unique in its approach, yet each begins with an in-depth LipidCode™ Mapping. With endless treatment options, only a systematic approach allows your stylist to find the correct treatment for your hair.


The scientists at System Professionals developed and patented the LipidCode™ technology to recalibrate the hair‘s natural lipid layer. The entire System Professionals range is based on a carefully balanced compound of ingredients to ensure that the personal care system recommended by our Master stylist transforms each individual hair.


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